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REPORTING PORTAL FOR TAX OFFENCES Tax offices will be choking on information

15. September 2021

Article out of the Wirtschaftswoche from 3 September 2021 Interview by Martin Gerth In Baden-Württemberg, citizens are able to report tax evasion anonymously online. Anyone who makes accusations or is accused should know the legal rules, says tax lawyer Patricia Lederer. Ever since Baden-Württemberg’s Green Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz released a platform for reporting tax evasion […]

The tax authorities automatically recognise short-time work

10. May 2021

Article out of the Wirtschafts Woche from 23.04.2021 edition 17 written by Niklas Hoyer. This year, a particularly large number of people will have to file their tax returns. Some are wondering whether tax offices will even be checking this obligation to do so. It is even done automatically. Short-time work in 2020 now means […]

Working at home as a lawyer – in the office today, at home tomorrow. Is that possible?

From Ahmet Recberlik 02.05.2021 Working at home is irritating! And that goes for all of us! The sudden move to working at home due to the pandemic has turned the way many lawyers work upside down. That is especially true if there is no cloud-based law firm software available to work with. It is likely […]

Wirecard bankruptcy could be expensive for taxpayer

10. August 2020

Wirecard paid too much tax for money that didn’t exist. It cannot be ruled out that the company can claim back the taxes.

In the end the tax office waits

23. May 2020

Kurzarbeit, Soforthilfen, Darlehen – die Folgen der Corona-Krise sollen mit vielen Mitteln abgemildert werden. Doch der Tag der Abrechnung kommt mit dem Steuerbescheid.

What to do when the tax inspector calls?

29. August 2019

How to handle Tax Office searches WirtschaftsWoche online 07.08.2019 at 18:56:11 Patricia Lederer works as a specialist tax lawyer in Frankfurt. Time and again, she has experienced how quickly someone who would never have expected it ends up on the tax inspector’s radar. “Small business owners are often under general suspicion these days, but also […]

German Federal Fiscal Court revokes supplementary estimates against restaurant and bar owners!

12. July 2018

The plaintiff brought a claim against the reassessment of the tax audit. The estimates are fictitious and destructive.

Federal Tax Court forces Tax Office to release confidential information!

19. July 2017

The Federal Tax Court declares Tax Office refusal to disclose details of enforcement actions against agencies and tax consultants illegal

Breaking News at Steueranwalt

23. December 2016

Never seen before! Federal Fiscal Court approves for the first time appeal against false certification in the post-delivery certificate.

Additional estimates at restaurants

25. August 2015

Estimation methods of tax office on the test bench: Federal Finance Court strictly limits the admissibility of time line comparisons protecting restaurant owners! BFH 25.03.2015