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German Federal Fiscal Court revokes supplementary estimates against restaurant and bar owners!

12. July 2018

The plaintiff brought a claim against the reassessment of the tax audit. The estimates are fictitious and destructive.

Federal Tax Court forces Tax Office to release confidential information!

19. July 2017

The Federal Tax Court declares Tax Office refusal to disclose details of enforcement actions against agencies and tax consultants illegal

Breaking News at Steueranwalt

23. December 2016

Never seen before! Federal Fiscal Court approves for the first time appeal against false certification in the post-delivery certificate.

Additional estimates at restaurants

25. August 2015

Estimation methods of tax office on the test bench: Federal Finance Court strictly limits the admissibility of time line comparisons protecting restaurant owners! BFH 25.03.2015

VAT Contractors and non-domestic umbrella company

16. July 2015

According to German Tax Courts’ jurisdiction these services are exempt from VAT. However, local tax offices keep sending out VAT bills to contractors. Food for objection and appeal given by LedererLaw

This Week:

15. July 2015

Steueranwalt participated the annual meetings of the Scientific Association for Enterprise and Corporate Law and the Tax Defense Lawyers Convention! Need more Corporate and TaxDefense?

Audit Assistance!

1. April 2015

New Tax Office’s Audit Method Risk Assessment Summary involves Tax Estimation Risks for Restaurant Owners and Liability Risks for Tax Consultants!

Pilots Treaty Override to be investigated

31. March 2015

Federal Constitutional Court of Germany will rule on the taxing right acc. to Double Taxation Treaty Supreme Tax Court 20.08.2014

Additional estimates at restaurants

Estimation methods of tax office on the test bench: Bundesfinanzhof (Federal Finance Court) will decide on the admissibility of time line comparisons BFH 14.05.2013

OECD decision on foreign accounts

1. March 2015

Global Standard for automatic information exchange Common Reporting Standard decided on 15.07.2014